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Lakefront Brewery Hop JockeyIt is mid-August and I am drinking a bottle of Lakefront Brewery Hop Jockey (8.6% alcohol by volume) with a mid-October best by date - perfect freshness for a Double India Pale Ale. A hazy amber pour fills the glass, producing a 1/2" white foam cap that rapidly recedes as continuous streams of bubbles rapidly rise from the bottom of the glass. Tropical fruit, melon, citrus, traces of resin, bread crumb and a hint of orange aromas rise from the glass. On the palate tropical fruit, melon and medium levels of malt lead to a herbal to citrus rind bitter finish. Hop Jockey has moderately high bitterness and moderate levels of tropical fruit flavors. It has a very creamy medium body and medium, soft carbonation. The creaminess pulls this full flavored Double IPA together and makes it an enjoyable brew. The brewer sugests drinking Hop Jocky with Kansas style grilled meats. the beer's citrus and tropical fruit flavors go well with sweet tomato based barbecue sauces. Strong flavored cheeses would too. I rate Hop Jockey 85.

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