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Lakefront Brewery El WiscoMy bottle of Lakefront Brewery El Wisco (4.1% alcohol by volume) has a best by date two months from now. I am classifying this as an American Lager. Some people classify this as a Vienna lager but it lacks the well-developed malt flavors and it is not quite amber enough for an International Amber Lager. The aromas are mild with light corn, a hint of earthiness, white cracker and hop spice. It is not quite clear with a tea-tinted gold color under a thin white cap with poor retention. Streams of rapidly rising bubbles fill the glass. It starts prickly on the palate with sweet corn, cracker, traces of apple and a hint of citrus finishing slightly tart and juicy. Hop flavors are low to medium low, malt flavors are low to medium low, corn flavor is low, hop bitterness is low and there is a low level of bread crumb. It has a drying finish that passes quickly. It has a medium to medium light body and medium high carbonation. The beer is drinkable but does not have much that stands out. I rate it 75

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