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Eastside Dark

Lakefront Brewery Eastside DarkLakefront Brewery Eastside Dark (5.2% alcohol by volume) is a Munich Dunkel. It smells like bread crusts with traces of light chocolate, coffee, nuts and caramel. Malt aromas are medium to medium low, hop aromas are low, and fermentation aromas are low. It drops brilliant chestnut filled with streams of rapidly rising bubbles under a 1" cream cap with fair retention. Mild toasted bread crust, mild caramel and nuttiness, and a light chocolate note. There are not harsh, burnt or dark roast flavors. Malt flavors are are medium plus, hop flavors are low, hop bitterness is medium low and germentation character is low. It has a nice lingering dry, nutty grainy. lightly chocolate finish. The texture is creamy, the body is medium plus and the carbonation is medium. A flavorful, well balanced, easy to drink Munich Dunkel. I rate it 75.

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