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Black is Beautiful Strong Stout


LTD Brewing Black is Beautiful Strong StoutMy crowler of LTD Brewing Black is Beautiful Strong Stout (7.6% alcohol by volume) is 12 days old. It is brewed with Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic hops. Smooth, soft coffee chocolate roast aromas rise off the glass supported by some mild caramel notes. Malt rules the aromas with fermentation and hop aromas in the background providing low fruity esters some light fruit notes, light raisin, possible plum and dark dried fruit. Hop aromas are low providing more fruit notes as it warms. Black is Beautiful fills the glass deep dark brown to pitch black under a 1½” light tan cap with good retention. A slight sweetness starts the flavors quickly leading to balanced coffee and chocolate along with some crystal malt sweetness and caramel notes. Malt flavors are deep and complex complemented by a mild coffee bitter finish with some bitter sweet chocolate notes. The bitterness has depth blending malt and hop elements. The beer gets more fruit flavor as it warms and warming also increases the chocolate and shines more notice the balancing hop bitter more. The body and carbonation are medium plus. The beer doesn’t have anything that screams out at you but it is well put together, goes down smooth and leaves a pleasant lingering aftertaste. I rate it 83 and if I see it again, I will probably buy a can.

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