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Klockow Brewing Company Travelin' JackKlockow Brewing Company Travelin' Jack (6.2% alcohol by volume) is a West Coast India Pale Ale, a style noted for its big hop aromas laced with citrus and tropical fruits. This one is hoped with Citra, Mosaic, and Cascade hops and the Cascades piny, resiny aromas hit the nose first backed up with traces of citrus, tropical fruit and a hint of onion and garlic. It pours bright amber gold permeate with streams of rapidly rising bubbles. It has a slight haze and a robust 3" off-white cap with good retention that gently coats the glass with lace as you drink. The beer is lightly sweet with hop citrus, tropical fruit and resiny flavors leading the palate supported by light biscuit. A big bitterness that grows as you drink finishes the beer with a light astringent note and a mild drying. he bitterness is citrus rind with some herbal tea notes. The body and carbonation are medium. This is a very drinkable big, bold IPA that those growing tired of everything hazy and sour will readily embrace. I rate it 78.

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