Klockow Brewing Company Schönfeld Honey Wheat batch #159


Klockow Brewing Company


Schönfeld Honey Wheat batch #159


Klockow Brewing Company Schönfeld Honey Wheat batch #159Klockow Brewing Company Schönfeld Honey Wheat batch #159 (5.4% alcohol by volume) is a German style Weissbier brewed with honey from the University of Minnesota North Central Research and Outreach Center near Grand Rapids, Minnesota. I purchased my crowler at South Lyndale Liquors and it was packaged seven weeks ago which is stretching the freshness of the crowler. The aroma has a moderate blend of cloves and banana, a low hop character, light wheat aroma, mild honey aroma, and a hint of vanilla and bubble gum. It pours brilliant gold with a 1” white cap with moderate retention. The beer is clear, without yeast. Honey initially leads the flavor with banana taking over by the finish and some bubble gum in the middle. There is a light clove touch throughout. It is more prominent at the start and diminishes by the finish but grows as the beer warms. There is no discernible hop flavor and very little hop bitterness. The beer dries on the finish. It has a medium light body and medium plus carbonation. The beer may be suffering a little from age. The Weissbier character is there but not big, the yeast character is a slightly muted and the beer does not attain the rich, creamy Weissbier texture. The beer is not challenging but is refreshing and easy to drink. I rate it 75.

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