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Junkyard Brewing Company Mrs.Wallace NE DIPAMy Junkyard Brewing Company Mrs. Wallace NE DIPA (Northeast Double India Pale Ale) crowler is 3 weeks old and clocks in at 8.1% alcohol by volume. It is brewed with Vic Secret hops, a hop developed in Victoria, Australia and was released in 2013. Brewers have a lot of experience with it and find they can get the most out of the hop in the whirlpool and dry hopping. It is noted for its pineapple, pine, passion fruit, tropical fruit and herbal notes and can display an earthy character when added late in the boil. I get pineapple with a little pine in the background on the nose seasoned with some fruit. Medium high hop aromas are medium high and dialed down just below intense. the aromas are not not grassy or herbaceous. the malt provides light bready sweetness with no caramel or toast. The fermentation character is mild and works with the hops. There is nothing acidic or creamy in the aroma. A hazy straw pour kicks up a 2” lacy off-white cap with good retention. Mrs. Wallace is opaque except around the edges and is not murky or cloudy and there is not any floating particulate in the beer. Fruit, some pineapple, an initial mild malt note and a light sweetness kicks the flavors off. A medium high bitter emerges mid-palate that carries through the finish. Pineapple with some other fruit and a hint of pine and some mild bitterness linger in the tail. The beer has a light bready sweetness with a faint trace of toast and bread crust. Fruit flavors rule. The bitterness has a bit of fruit pith character and finishes a little drier than medium. Alcohol is supportive, melding with the bitter which has some light pine notes especially in the aftertaste.  The medium plus body is smooth with medium fine soft carbonation and mild alcohol warmth. There is no acidic twang and no hot or harsh alcohol flavors. This flavor packed Double New England IPA captures Vic Secret's pineapple, fruit and pine flavors and aroma. The viscosity is a little high and the hop aroma intensity is a shade low but the beer is very good, flavor packed and very drinkable. I rate it 80.

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