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Harpoon Brewery & Beer Hall Harpoon Sweet SpotHarpoon Brewery & Beer Hall Harpoon Sweet Spot (4.8% alcohol by volume, 26 International Bittering Units) is an American Blonde Ale. My bottle has a best by date two months in the future. This is a fairly laid back beer that smells like a vegetarian shopping mall food court. Initial moderate levels of biscuit aromas yield to a pleasant hop note and then settle down to onion, garlic, some wood and fruit. It's brilliant gold in the glass supporting a 1" white foam cap with good retention and filled with streams of rapidly rising bubbles. Fruit flavors on the palate suppress the onion and garlic but there is a trace of over ripe fruit that gives way to a herbal hop note on the finish. The malt biscuit flavor is medium and the hop flavors are medium high. The beer has a medium body and carbonation. This full flavored beer has low alcohol so it is sessionable but not all of the flavors - in particular the fruit vs. the vegetable - fit well together. I rate it 70.

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