Hammerheart Brewing Company Crazy Loon Amber Lager


Hammerheart Brewing Company


Crazy Loon Amber Lager


Hammerheart Brewing Company Crazy Loon Amber LagerHammerheart Brewing Company Crazy Loon is an Amber Lager on steroids clocking in at 9.1% doppelbock strength alcohol by volume. They brewed it in honor of John Prine. My can is six weeks old. Rich moderate malt aromas of medium bread crumb, medium low bread crust, a trace of medium dark sugar, and light toast lead lightly scented by spicy noble hop aromas. The fermentation character is low and supports the malt. The beer pours amber with a mild haze under a fleeting ¼” off white cap. The malt is bigger on the tongue than on the nose with a range of bread crust flavors gently sweetened by a light dose of demerara sugar. A trace of smoke suggests a north woods campfire off in the distance. The fermentation character adds some light fruit notes with some spice from the alcohol. A moderate hop bitterness tempers the malt. The alcohol is big, but smooth and not hot or harsh. The carbonation is bigger than it looks but still comes in at medium low. the body is medium plus and the alcohol is mildly warming. Crazy Loon is incredibly well balanced for its size. It loses some points for appearance but has a lot of flavor and alcohol not usually found in an amber lager and has just enough bitterness to keep things real and after a can you really don’t care what it looks like and I will look for this and buy it when I see it – I like it to drink. I rate it 90.

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Hammerheart Brewing Company

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