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Laurentian Porter



HammerHeart Brewing Company Laurentian PorterWhenever I get an urge for something creative with a Celtic or Nordic flair that is not trying to taste like a Popsicle or an over hopped glass of orange juice, I go to the store and see what the Hammerheart Brewing Company is up to. HammerHeart Brewing Company Laurentian Porter (6.5% alcohol by volume) does not disappoint. It is a mesquite smoked porter brewed with spruce tips. Fresh smoked beer is the best smoked beer - the smokiness is one of the first things to fade. This beer is fresh. Straight out of the fridge the beer evokes a weekend in the north woods - perhaps on the Laurentian Shield - weaving together aromas of light smoke and spruce tips in perfect balance. the scent of chocolate in the background becomes more enticingly prominent as the beer warms. It drops bright dark brown under a massive 3" tan cap with a very fine bead and incredible retention. A thin line of film tops the glass after 45 minutes. A delightfully creamy, chocolaty flavor gently seasoned with smoke and spruce leads the charge and it finishes with a dark chocolate bitter on the finish joined by some astringent notes from the spruce tips. The beer has a very long, dry tail. The chocolate leads slightly with a mild sweetness mingled with smoke and spruce. The body is full supported by very soft, creamy carbonation and barely noticeable, gently warming alcohol. I rate this very satisfying, very drinkable, full flavored beer 88.


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