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Raspberry Provincial

Funkwerks Raspberry ProvincialFunkwerks Raspberry Provincial (4.2% alcohol by volume) is a Belgian-style fruit ale which is a way of hinting that your beer is a Lambic-style beer without having a brewery in Brussels and the Pajottenland region southwest of Brussels. Lambic beers are fermented with the wild yeasts and bacteria that live in the area and in the brewery's equipment. Lambic has EU Traditional Specialty Guaranteed status under EU regulations. Belgian-style fruits ales are brewed outside of the Lambic region and typically use a selection of commercial yeasts and bacteria similar to those found around Brussels. Funkwerks Raspberry Provincial pours hazy pink with a thin pink tinted foam cap with moderate retention. It has a big raspberry smell with a hint of tartness and lemon. The palate is medium raspberry lemon tart balanced with a light sweetness. Its light bodied and highly effervescent. I rate this very refreshing sumer beer 90.

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