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Fulton Beer


Fulton Beer PilsFulton Beer Pils (5.3% alcohol by volume, 30 International Bittering Units) is a Czech Premium Lager. Spicy hop and oyster cracker aromas stand out supported by bread dough and bread crumb. Faint apple, pear and scrambled egg notes lie in the backround. It pours brilliant gold with a slight haze as streams of bubbles rapidly rise to the surface under a lacy 1" off white cap with very good retention. Bread dough and cracker start the flavors seasoned with traces of pear. It has a very pleasant, moderately assertive, crisp and snappy bitter finish that lingers. Malt flaovrs are medium, yeast flavors are medium low, hop bitterness is medium to medium high. Fulton Pils is creamy but has some tingle with a medium to medium low body and medium high carbonation. This is a full flavored Pils with well developed hop flavors and bitterness. It is hop forward but the malt provides good balance. The beer has a little extra yeast character but drinks refreshing and easy. I rate it 76.

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Fulton Beer

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