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Elan Vital Hazy Pale Ale


Falling Knife Elan Vital Hazy Pale AleMy Falling Knife Elan Vital Hazy Pale Ale (5.5% alcohol by volume) crowler was packaged two days ago. It is a hazy pale ale brewed with Ekuanot and Cashmere Hops. Ekuanot hops are a finishing hop with a high oil content and provide big citrus, fruit and herb notes. Cashmere hops are used for aroma and flavor and are noted for their tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Popping the can releases citrus, herbs, tropical fruit, and a kind of a herbal dank background aroma with hints of ditch weed. There is a trace of stone fruit. Hop aromas are medium high. White bread malt and fermentation aromas are medium low and complement the hops. It pours hazy gold producing a massive 3" light beige cap that is lacy with good retention. Hop flavors lead with fruit, tropical fruit, citrus,and a hint of stone fruit. The malt character is noticeable but neutral and supports the hops. The malt provides a light grainy sweetness and is not caramelly or toasty. The fermentation character works with the hops. the beer finishes dry and not overly acidic . The hop bitterness is moderate and lingers through the finish but it is not sharp or harsh. Fermentation character supports the hops. Elan Vital has medium body and a soft, pillowy mouth feel with medium carbonation. The alcohol is smooth, not hot or harsh and stays in the background. This is a very drinkable, tasty, juicy, flavor packed beer that you will drink to enjoy the well developed hop flavors. I rate it 85 and buy it when I can find it.


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