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Falling Knife Brewing Company Key Club Key Lime KolschKölsch is a historic beer style brewed in Cologne, Germany. It is an ale brewed at lager temperatures so while retaining some of the ale yeast character the beer has some smoothness from fermenting at lower temperatures. Falling Knife Brewing Company Key Club Key Lime Kölsch (5.3% alcohol by volume) adds some lime to the basic Kölsch recipe. The beer has light yeasty fruit aromas with some lime and faint uncooked bread dough. The straw gold beer has a moderate haze under a 4” tall white head with a fine bead and good retention. You notice the lime as soon as it hits your tongue with moderate lime notes that last well into the tail and a mild, but not over bearing tartness. There is a touch of fresh bread dough and some grainy malt character in the background. Bitterness is medium low, hop flavor is low and there is a light mineral character. The beer has a dry, fruity finish. Carbonation high and the beer is creamy with a medium light body. This is a very refreshing that quenches your thirst, leaves a little lime flavor but for the most part does not get in the way. It is a perfect beer for socializing on a deck on a hot summer afternoon. I rate it 78.

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