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Falling Knife Brewing Company Frequency WavesFalling Knife Brewing Company Frequency Waves (6.7% alcohol by volume) is a hazy IPA brewed with Pilsner malt, spelt and wheat. Medium high hop aromas offer up tropical fruit, berry and melon. Hop aroma is mostly fruit and is not grassy or herbaceous. The malt is clean and in the background adding allure with a light bready sweetness. There are no caramel or toast aromas and the fermentation character is neutral. It drops hazy straw, under a massive and persistent lacy 3” white cap with a very fine bead. High to very high hop rich fruit flavor leads featuring tropical and citrus flavors. Medium bitterness shows up mid-palate and grows into the tail. the hop character is not sharp or harsh. The Pilsner malt allows the brewer to soften the beer with a light grainy sweetness that supports but does not get into the way of the hops. The spelt adds a little to the body and adds a light earthiness way in the background. there are no toast or caramel flavors. The wheat aids head retention, gives the beer a fuller feel, and contributes to the cloudiness. The fermentation character supports the hops. Alcohol is mild and does not interfere. The beer is smooth with a medium plus body and medium carbonation. The beer is easy on the stomach with nothing harsh, no acidic twang, and no raw starch texture. The beer is not creamy or viscous. This is very good, flavorful hazy IPA. Many hazy IPAs taste like the brewer added orange juice to the beer and are way too acidic. Frequency Waves is not. I read once that the Romans used to make hop pillows to aid their sleep. With its big aromas and luscious flavors this makes a perfect late night beer to guide you into the world of sleep. It is also a good beer to drink while sitting on your deck and listening to the wind rustle the leaves of you maple trees. I rate it 89.

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