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DDH L-Bombs


Falling Knife Brewing Company DDH L-BombsFalling Knife Brewing Company DDH L-Bombs (8.0% alcohol by volume) is a Hazy Double/Imperial New England IPA packed with Denali (pineapple, citrus and pine, sometimes spicy), Citra (pungent, orange, grapefruit, , tropical fruit) Mosaic (berry, mango, stone fruit, floral, tropical, citrus, fruity), and Sabro hops (fruit, tangerine, citrus, stone fruit, tropical fruit, with hints of cedar). These hops are know for their clean bitterness and intense flavor and aroma. The DDH means double dry hopped and can mean that twice as many hops are used as normal and are added after the wort (beer) has cooled, often 3 to 5 days before bottling. This infuses the beer with hop aroma and flavor. It would take a much better nose than mine to pick out all the individual hop elements in the aroma but I catch rich tropical fruit, melon, and stone fruit aroma with the glass an arm's length away and closer up there are more subtle notes. There are no grassy or herbaceous notes in the aroma. The malt presence is there but is in the background providing a light breadyness. The fermentation character neutral. The beer pours hazy gold and is not murky or cloudy. The pour produces a massive lacy off-white to beige cap with good retention. The beer has big rich hop fruit flavors. As it rolls over your tongue or as you swirl it around your mouth, different flavors will come forward. As the beer warms and as you drink the intensity of some flavors will diminish, allowing others to come forward. On the tongue, this beer is a journey through the tropical fruit area of your grocer's produce section. Tropical fruit lead followed by stone fruit, then a variety of citrus - especially orange and then traces of other fruit you may have caught in the aroma. Bitterness is medium low and the hop character in the tail is smooth and long lingering. The hop character is not harsh or sharp. The beer has a smooth, medium body with no hop astringency, medium carbonation and very mild alcohol warmth. This is a delicious, flavor packed beer that is easy to drink, not acidic and easy on the stomach. It's complex, layered flavors are fun to explore.

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