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Cumulonimbus Tropical Kettle Sour


Falling Knife Brewing Company Cumulonimbus Tropical Kettle SourFalling Knife Brewing Company Cumulonimbus (4.7% alcohol by volume) is a Tropical Kettle Sour with a thunder head of flavor and aroma. It is packed with pink guava, pineapple and passion fruit and smells like a tropical fruit cocktail and with a little concentration you can pick out the pineapple and a more generalized tropical fruit aroma. It pours hazy gold with a 3” persistent white cap. A slightly sweet fruit tart starts the flavors and then the sour comes in at lightly sweetened lemonade levels. Some background malt flavors soften the tart and keep it tasting like a beer. Hop bitterness is minimal. With all the flavor the beer should hit the mouth like a slurpee but instead it is light, spritzy and refreshing. This is the perfect beer for hydration during a bike ride, while working in the garden or relaxing in the shade with friends. The tartness, fruit flavors and light body slake the thirst while the alcohol content is low enough to leave the drinker functional after one or two glasses. The just the right amount of tart and has an interesting blend of fruit flavors that keep it interesting. I rate this thirst quencher 78 on a normal summer day and 82 when the temperature rises over 90 and the humidity becomes unbearable.

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