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Fair State Brewing Cooperative Profit MotiveFair State Brewing Cooperative Profit Motive is a mixed fermentation table Saison aged in steel tanks for six months. In Belgium a tafelbier - in English "table beer" is a low alcohol packed with enough flavor to pair with any meal and with alcohol low enough you can still go back to work or whatever you were doing before your meal without causing too much damage. At 4.0% alcohol by volume and 25 International bittering Units, Profit Motive fits the bill. The fermentation character leads the mild aromas supported by medium low malt aromas and low hops. Fruit dominates with some berry notes and a mild white wine character lightly dosed with pepper along with a hint of coriander. The beer is foamy, charging out of the bottle but when it settles down and is poured, it does not kick up much of a head. Its gold with a medium haze and after the action from the pour stops, it leaves thin ring of white foam around the rim. The beer is unsweetened lemonade tart with a medium plus bitter accent seasoned with fruit and berry and some definite floral and spice notes especially in the aftertaste. A little pucker on the finish provides a refreshing note as the beer eases into a long floral and spice aftertaste with light pepper accent. The beer gets more floral spicy and lemony as it warms. The beer is light, tart, refreshing, and moderately carbonated. This beer showcases fermentation character and is packed with enough flavor to accompany fried fish, any kind of sandwich, and most meals. Profit Motive has enough flavor to leave you satisfied without to alcohol punch that might leave you impaired. It is a great table Saison with enough character to replace a summer mixed drink. I rate it 85.

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