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Shoot From The Hip

Eastlake Craft Brewery Shoot From The HipEastlake Craft Brewery Shoot From The Hip (8.5% alcohol by volume) is a Belgian IPA where New World hops meet Belgian yeast. It pours brilliant chestnut with a light copper tint from a bomber into a tulip and produces a finely bubbled 2” ecru foam cap that takes 3 minutes to reduce to 1/3 its original size. The foam marks the glass with fine gothic window lace. The aromas are ripe fruit, plums, faint over ripe fruit, caramel and a trace of onion and bread crumb. It has big fruit flavors, tropical fruit, passion fruit, tangerine, citrus, and a trace of caramel quickly recede leaving citrus, a trace of caramel and a moderate bitterness with malt in the background. An initial light sweetness fades, leading to a drying finish. This yeast forward beer has a healthy hop accent. The bitterness has an herbal, almost gin like character. Tropical fruit and pear flavors grow as the beer warms. Slightly below medium body with slightly above medium carbonation and a very creamy and soft texture. A well-made and well balanced Belgian IPA. I rate it 85.

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