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Mighty Twerks Vol 2


Dual Citizen Brewing Company Mighty TwerksDual Citizen Brewing Company Mighty Twerks Volume 2 (5.4% by volume) is a S.M.A.S.H. beer - a "Single Malt and Single Hop" beer. The beer has 74 IBUs (International Bittering Units) which is an indicator of the a amount of hops in a beer and 74 IBUs is getting up into the high range (generally the human palate can not distinguish anything over 110). How the hops are used in the beer and the amount of malt in the beer can have a big impact on how bitter the beer actually tastes. I crack the can and as I pour there is not a big aroma. I can pick up tropical fruit, a faint onion and garlic and supportive malt notes. It pours gold with a moderate haze under a 3” lacy cap with good retention. I hold the beer in the front of my mouth for a minute and pick up fruit, light caramel and fruit sweetness. This leads to a big, assertive bitter with a mild astringent note on the finish. I have had 74 IBU beers that are a challenge, some come off like an elixir and some are very easy to drink. This is a very pleasant drinker – it has big hops and you know it but they are not harsh. The beer has just enough malt to soften things up a bit. It starts with fruity hops seasoning rich malt flavors sand then lays on a load of big bitter hops. The hops are evenly distributed between bitter and flavor. Both are big but well done. The fruit flavors have a little tropical, hints of berry and a suggestion of melon. The malt and the hops work very well together and the brewer achieves an excellent balance between the two. The beer has a medium body and medium carbonation.
It packs a lot of flavor for a 5.4% alcohol by volume beer but is easy to drink. Unlike some light beers seeking a mass audience this will not bore you to death and unlike some of the more assertive hoppy beers, this will not burn a hole in your stomach or anesthetize your palate. I rate it 80 and will pick this up anytime I can find a can or two.

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