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Flying Under The Radar Saison


ual Citizen Beer Company Flying Under The Radar SaisonI've been skeptic of draft saisons because many of the Belgian standards are bottle conditioned and it is hard to capture the carbonation and the character of a bottle condition beer from a draft dispenser. Further, many craft beer saisons do not quite get the yeast right and they may be good beers but not quite good saisons. Dual Citizen Beer Company Flying Under The Radar Saison is changing my mind. Cracking the can releases all the yeast, malt an hop aromas - spicy pepper, fruit, citrus, low spicy, floral hops and low grainy malt notes. It pours gold with a light haze under a rocky white head with moderate retention. As I take the first sip, I think wow! peppered fruit tastes good and then I notes how well it gets support from a soft malt character. Medium plus bitterness creeps in mid-palate leading to a drying, well attenuated finish. It does not finish sweet. A citrusy hop flavor medium low, has a lovely bitter spicy tail with some citrus notes. The yeast character is well developed and the malt and hops provide just enough support without getting in the way. Minutes later I still taste the pepper. The beer has a medium light body, mild alcohol and carbonation slightly above normal. This is a very well made, drinkable saison that nails the yeast character and makes for a genuinely nice drink. It may lack some of the carbonation character of a bottle conditioned Saison DuPont, but it is also not skunky like green bottled imports. This beer is fresh - two weeks old - and a bottle conditioned beer would not have the same yeast character. I love the beer and rate it 87

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