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Drastic Measures NewbDrastic Measures Brewing Newb is a big hazy triple IPA (9.9% alcohol by volume) packed with Citra hops that produce big citrus aromas supported by rich tropical fruit citrus, big citrus rounded out with medium low malt. Fermentation character is low and works with the hops. the hop aromas are not grassy or herbaceous and there are no creamy, buttery or acidic notes in the aroma. Alcohol aromas are medium but are not harsh or sharp. The beer pours hazy straw capped by a massive 3" white head that mounds up over the rim and has excellent retention. The beer is opaque but is not cloudy or murky and there is no particles floating in the beer. Newb presents rich fruit flavors featuring citrus and tropical fruit balanced by medium low, clean malts with light grainy sweet note. There are no toast or caramel notes and there is nothing starchy, creamy or sugary sweet. There is a very pleasant, mellow hop character in the aftertaste that lingers. The beer has a smooth, well integrated bitter. It finishes dry but not acidic finish. The alcohol is big but smooth, not hot or harsh, and not dominating. The body and carbonation are medium and the texture is soft and smooth with no astringency. This big, full flavored beer is well balanced, easy to drink and repeatable. I rate it 83.

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Drastic Measures Brewing

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