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Drastic Measures Brewing Throwing HandsMy can of Drastic Measures Brewing Throwing Hands (6.7% alcohol by volume) is 20 days old. It is a hazy ipa (New England IPA) with Mosaic and El Dorado hops. Mosais hops were released in 2012 and are used for bittering, flavor, and aroma with flaors of mango, pine, and citrus and offer aromas of triopical fruit and stone fruit. El Dorado hops were releasesd in 2010 and offers big tropical fruit flavors with some resin in the background and offers fruit and candy aromas. Throwing hands smells of tropical fruit and citrus with traces of pine pome and stone fruit. Hop aromas are medium high, malt aromas medium low, clean, neutral, fermentation character is medium low and works with the hops. Throwing Hands pours hazy straw to yellow under a 2 “ off white, lacy cap with good retention. There are no floaties or chunks. Throwing Hands starts a little sweet but dries right out with a hint of tart. High citrus, tropical fruit hop flavors and a mdeimu hop bitterness are balanced by clean, fairly neutral, medium low malt flavors. The medium low fermentation character compliments the hops. There is a trace acidity that works wth the beer. There is nothing sharp or harsh. The body and carbonation are medium with nothing creamy or viscous, and just a trace of acidity that is not overpowering. This is a smooth, juicy, full flavored, drinkable, repeatable, hazy IPA. I rate it 82.

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