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SeaQuench Ale

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery SeaQuench AleDogfish Head Craft Brewery's motto is "off-centered ales for off-centered people" and their SeaQuench Ale (4.9% alcohol by volume) certainly fits that bill. It is a blend of a Kolsch, a Gose brewed with black limes, corriander and sea salt and a Berliner Weiss made with lime juice and lime peel. There is lime all over this beer and you notice it as soon as you open the can. Layers of lime rise from the glass as it fills hazy straw with fast rising bubbles under a 1/2" quickly dissipating white foam collar. There are three or four distinct lime aromas - juice, peel, and a couple of other suspects. It also has some tart and saltine smells. The palate is lime, lime, lime - at least three different kinds - limeade, key lime pie and straight lime with the black lime in the background broadening the limeness out a bit. SeaQuench is mildly tart and salted. The malt from the Kolsch softens the tartness, keeping it crisp but at mild limeade levels and the salt is noticeable but not dominant. The body is light to medium light and the carbonation is medium high. This is suprisingly very drinkable beer that retains enough beer character and does not taste like some over sweetened fruity malt beverage designed for non-beer drinkers. Money from this beer is donated to the National Aquarium but the beer has me craving a basket of deep fried plaice fillets, some chips and a wedge of lime. I rate it 86


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