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Sticky Dank & Icky

Disgruntled Brewing Sticky Dank & IckyDisgruntled Brewing Sticky Dank & Icky (7.0% alcohol by volume) is an American IPA. The beer was packaged 34 days ago. It initially smells like a tropical fruit cup but gradually wet wood, a hint of perfume, a faint touch of scrambled eggs, bread crust, and some ditch weed smells come forward. It pours murky straw gold under a 2.5" lacy blanket of foam the color of unbleached linen with good retention. The flavors are layered and complex with at least four phases of fruit. Mildly sweet tangerine and tropical fruit supported by rich melon start the flavors. Soft bitter citrus pith flavors enter mid-palate and then a fruity bitterness takes over in the swallow with a touch of mint leading to a zippy, zesty fruity bitter aftertaste. A biscuit to graham cracker malt backbone provides support. The malt flavors are medium low, the yeast character is low, the hop flavors are medium high and the hop bitterness is medium plus. This is a delightfully creamy, very smooth beer with medium body and carbonation. Drink this beer for the rich creamy texture, the fruity hop flavors, the way the malt provides support and texture, and the phases of hop bitterness. I rate this beer 90.

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