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Disgruntled Brewing ReaperDisgruntled Brewing Reaper (6.5% alcohol by volume, 62.3 International Bittering Units) is two weeks old. It is an American IPA hopped with Nugget, Simcoe and Mosaic hops. It smells of pine, fresh mowed grass, mint, moist earth, melon, tropical fruit, and light biscuit. It pours hazy gold under a 1" off white to cream colored cap with fair to good retention. It is a fruity and juicy palate lightly sweetened by caramel and flavored with tropical fruit, melon, lemon, citrus, orange, and traces of pine and mint. A moderate balancing bitterness emerges on the finish with a touch of drying astringency. The bitterness is a blend of melon and citrus rind. The beer has a very creamy carbonation and a very soft, luscious texture. The body is medium plus and the carbonation is about average. This is a big, well balanced IPA with more than its share of umami that provides a very enjoyable and satisfying drink. I rate it 90.

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