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Disgruntled Brewing Punch DrunkDisgruntled Brewing Punch Drunk (5.0% alcohol by volume) is a Gosebrewed with aronia berries. Aronia berries are commonly known as black chokeberries and are native to the Great Lakes Region. Aronia is a far more marketable name than chokeberry. They are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. They are tart and sweet and somewhat bitter. The beer has a rich, almost punch-like berry aroma with a trace of wheat and a hint of floral and spice that suggests corriander. Hop aromas are low. It looks a lot like a glass of cranberry juice with a 1/2" pinkish white foam cap on top. It has a rich berry flavor with a level of lactic acid tartness between a Granny Smith apple and a lemon. The berry's tartness adds to the Gose's Lactic acid tartness while the sweetness and the wheat soften things slightly. The tannins from the berry add bitterness and dryness to balance the sweet. The corriander adds character to the berry flavors but does not dominate. The salt accents the flavors. The wheat and malt flavors are just enough so that you know this is a beer. Hop flavors and bitterness are low. The result is a tart, refreshing, dry, effervescent, light bodied complex and layered beer. Serve this beer with turkey and dressing or roasted chicken. I rat it 83.

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