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Disgruntled Brewing Mighty GrumpyDisgruntled Brewing Mighty Grumpy clocks in at 6.6% alcohol by volume and is dry hopped with Citra and Minnesota grown grown arctic blend hops from Mighty Axe hops. The aroma offers some grainy sweet malt, citrus, touch of melon, and tropical fruit. The hop aroma is medium high with nothing grassy or herbaceous. The malt aroma is mostly neutral with a light bready note coming in at medium minus. The fermentation character low is low and works with the hops. There is nothing nothing acidic, buttery or starchy in the aroma. An opaque hazy straw gold body has a slight shimmer. There are no floaties or particulate matter and it is not murky. The beer sits under a 2” white cap with good retention. Citrusy fruit flavors lead followed by some melon to stone fruit in the middle and finished by a very pleasant medium bitter finish. Hop flavors are high, light grainy malt flavors in the background support the hops. There is nothing creamy or starchy in the flavor. Fermentation esters are medium low and alcohol is mild and smooth. The beer finishes off dry with the balance to the hops and there is a slight astringent note from the hops on the finish. A soft mouthfeel is supported by a medium body and medium carbonation with no harsh or sharp notes and not acidic notes. The is a very full flavored and drinkable hazy IPA. I rate it 82.

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