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Disgruntled Brewing LingererDisgruntled Brewing Lingerer (6.8% alcohol by volume, International bittering Units 68) is an American IPA. It smells of fruit, tropical fruit, orange, tangerine. lemon drop and bread crumb and something else from a long way off. It is a murky pour blanketed by 1.5" of off-white to cream colored foam with good retention. The foam marks each sip. Fruit, citrus and big orange flavors lead the flavors with malt emerging in the middle followed by an assertive bitterness followed by more orange and then a milder lingering pithy orange finish. The orange grows as the beer warms and a little lemon drop shows up. Hop driven fruit flavors are high, malt flavors are medium to medium low, and hop bitterness is medium dropping to medium low in the lingering finish. This beer takes creaminess to new heights as the medium low carbonation and the pulpy body combine to create a luscious texture. This outstanding flavor packed beer combines a rich malty orange flavor with a very nuanced hop bitterness packaged in an outrageously luscious texture. I rate it 90.

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Disgruntled Brewing

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