Disgruntled Brewing Hefeweizen


Disgruntled Brewing


Disgruntled Brewing HefeweizenDisgruntled Brewing Hefeweizen (5.1% alcohol by volume) has big banana aromas and bubble gum, a faint hint of clove supported by wheat. Yeast driven aromas are medium to medium high, malt aromas are medium low and hop aromas are low. It pours bright gold with a light haze blanketed by a 1" foam cap with good retention. Rich malt and yeast flavors, a hint of caramel and bubble gum, banana and a light touch of clove roll over the tongue. The beer achieves a very nice balance of malt and yeast flavors. The bitterness is low. The beer has a very rich creamy texture with a medium plus body and medium high carbonation. This very satisfying hefeweizen has well developed flavors and an inviting texture. Drink this with a plate of sausages and some German potato salad or an omelet. I rate it 85.

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Disgruntled Brewing

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