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Disgruntled Brewing GuvnorMy Disgruntled Brewing Guvnor (5.6% alcohol by volume, 34 International bittering Units) crowler is 10 days old. Guvnor fits into the Beer Judge Certification Program Strong Bitter style category. Disgruntled brews Guvnor with East Kent Golding Hops, a traditional British hop known for its spicy, floral citrus notes. The beer has a rich nutty smell supported by earthy biscuit, low levels of fruit, traces of caramel, and hints of light floral and spice. It has a very faint phenolic odor (smoke) and a faint trace of cooked cabbage. Malt aromas are medium to medium high, hop aromas are medium low and yeast aromas are low. Mild fruit flavors in the background suggest raisins. It pours dense hazy amber to tea brown filled with streams of rapidly rising bubbles under a 1/2" cream to light tan colored cap. The flavors start malty and nutty suggesting bread crumb, biscuits, filberts and a light touch of caramel. It finishes with a touch of tart, faint grain husk, a trace of tea-like astringency and mild bitterness. This is a very creamy medium to medium full bodied beer with very soft, medium carbonation. The beer achieves a nice balance between the nutty malt flavors, the mild malty sweetness, the tea-like bitter and the mild tea-like astringency on the finish. The flavor, balance and texture make this a very good beer to drink in a pub. I rate it 80.

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Disgruntled Brewing


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