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Disgruntled Brewing



Disgruntled Brewing BulletproofCracking the can of Disgruntled Brewing Bulletproof (5% alcohol by volume. 24 International Bittering Units) releases a nice range of malt aromas featuring coffee, chocolate and some base malts. There are no burnt or harsh roast aromas. Yeast aromas are medium low and hop aromas are low. A deep dark brown liquid with bright brown highlights fills the glass producing a 3/4" light tan cap with moderate retention. Roasty chocolate and coffee start the flavors and the intensity of the malts move the beer very close to porter territory. The hop bitterness and flavor mainly accentuate the malt flavors and balance the sweetness. Malt flavors are medium high, hop flavors are low, hop bitterness is medium to medium low, and yeast character is medium low. The beer is malt forward. The body is medium full edging towards full and the carbonation is medium. This big brown ale has a lot of flavor and texture and can easily pass as a lighter porter. I rate it 80.

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Disgruntled Brewing


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