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Particles DDH DIPA


Definitive Brewing Company Particles DDH DIPADefinitive Brewing Company Particles DDH DIPA (Double Dry Hopped Double IPA) clocks in at 8.3% alcohol by volume. Cracking the can releases the fresh scent of fruit, citrus, melon, and stone fruit. Hop aromas are medium high and there is nothing grassy or herbaceous in the aroma. The fermentation character supports the hop aromas. A neutral malt offers some light breadiness and helps balance the hop aromas.
It pours hazy straw producing a rich, voluptuous off white cap that slowly drops to a thick mound. Although opaque the beer is clean with no floaties or particulate matter. Big fruity hop flavors lead with some fruit skin, a trace of tartness and medium high bitterness. A light astringent note on the finish helps dry things out. Light bready malt flavors are in the background and there are no toasty or caramel flavors. hop flavor dominates, medium high bitterness has a touch of citrus rind and pith but the hop flavors in the aftertaste are not sharp or harsh. The alcohol is smooth and not hot or sharp. The medium plus body beer goes down smooth and provides a mild warmth that rows on you as you drink. This beer delivers everything that a DDH New England DIPA should and avoids the acid twang and other issues that sometimes show up with this beer.
I rate this excellent beer 94.

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