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Definitive Brewing Company Contee Kolsch-Style AleKölsch originates from the area around Köln (Cologne) Germany as a light ale style designed to compete with light lagers. Kolsch style beer if not done right can be a little meh. Kölsch from its native city Cologne, Germany often suffers from its several weeks long journey from its city of birth to your neighborhood retail outlet. The delicate flavors of Kölsch demand you drink it fresh. Producing the delicate flavors also demand you use German ingredients and German production techniques. Definitive Brewing Contee Kolsch-Style Ale (4.6% alcohol by volume) is fresh and is made from German malts and hops and is slowly fermented at lower temperatures to give the beer clean, crisp flavor. It has a low grainy sweet malt aroma seasoned with mild apple, a light touch of floral, and a dash of spice. Malt aromas are medium and hop and fermentation aromas are medium low. It pours pale gold with a light haze under a medium white head with fair to good retention. The flavor is very soft and thirst quenching featuring delicate yet complex malt, light breadiness joined by a mild grainy sweetness that dries completely by the finish. the fermentation character shows up with a light touch of fruit while the hops deliver a moderate floral spicy flavor. The bitterness is mild. The beer finishes dry with no residual sweetness. It has a slight tang on the finish and some light mineral notes. The beer is clean and crisp with nothing over stated. It has a medium light body and medium to medium plus carbonation. This refreshing beer offers well developed flavors that all work together. It goes down smooth and crisp and leaves the mouth dry and wanting more. It is a great beer for drinking while sitting at a picnic table with a group of friends, lounging on a patio or spending the afternoon at a sidewalk table. I rate it 93 and it is well worth seeking out.

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