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Clutch Brewing Company

Two Stroke Pale Ale


Clutch Brewing Company Two Stroke Pale AleCraft brewers originally brewed pale ales as entry beer to seduce drinkers of industrial beers into the craft beer fold. With Two Stroke Pale Ale (5% alcohol by volume) Clutch Brewing Company dials it up a notch. Cracking the can releases tropical fruit, light grain, and bread crumb aromas. Moderate hop aromas laced with melon, citrus, floral, and fruit on the lead with a trace of pine way in the background. Maltiness aromas are just behind the hops. Yeast aromas are low. It is a beautiful beer especially in the sunshine. It pours brilliant amber gold permeated by streams of bubbles rising from the glass's nucleation points. A lacy, robust 3” white cap with good retention perches on top. A hop driven fruit cocktail of melon, citrus and traces of berry lead the flavors. It starts lightly sweet and dries on the finish. A clean malt character allows the hop flavors to stand out. Bitterness is moderate and has a crisp dry finish. Carbonation is medium. This creamy medium bodied beer finishes crisp and smooth and not harsh. Beer drinkers of all persuasions will enjoy this refreshing, satisfying, and full-flavored beer that you can drink all night. A growler of Two Stroke Pale Ale would serve an evening of grilling very well. I give it an 80.

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