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Three on the Tree Belgian Tripel


Clutch Brewing Company Three on the Tree Belgian TripelClutch Brewing Company Three on the Tree is a Belgian Tripel with 9.5% alcohol by volume. It is a collaboration between the Clutch Brewing Company and Lakeville, Minnesota's Angry Inch Brewing. It is brewed with Spanish Poliflora honey Worker B honey, three different malts, and hops. Fermentation aromas dominate with stone fruit, a hint of grape, traces of citrus, low intensity alcohol, honey and a trace of grainy sweetness. It pours brilliant deep gold under a 2” white cap lacy with good retention. The flavors are all there, blending spicy fruit, stone fruit, hints of grape, honey, and pepper leavened by soft spicy alcohol and a moderate bitterness that grows to medium in the finish. The beer is a little too sweet, especially in the finish. The carbonation is a little low, coming in at medium low. The body is medium and there is a mild warming from the alcohol that slowly grows on you. High carbonation would put this beer over the top. The carbonation would dry things out a bit and lighten the body. This would be more successful as a bottle conditioned beer. I rate it 75.

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