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Clutch Brewing Company Mask OnMy crowler of Clutch Brewing Company Mask On English Porter (5.9% alcohol by volume) was probably packaged today. Clutch co-founder and brewer Max Boeke delivered a bag of crowlers a few hours ago and the tops of the crowlers were still wet from rinsing after the fill. Cracking the can releases rich malty aromas with some chocolate notes. Bready malt aromas are moderately low. There are mild roast aromas with some chocolate, faint fruity esters, some tropical fruit notes from the hops, and some faint hints of smoke. Nothing is overboard or too intense. It pours bright brown with ruby highlights under a rocky 2” beige cap with good retention. The flavors start rich, malty, and moderate sweet. The roast flavors are mostly chocolate with some bread, bread crust, light toast and some nuttiness. A mild hop bitterness gives the beer a bittersweet chocolate character. There are no harsh or burnt roast flavors. It dries a little on the finish, The beer is fairly evenly balanced although it may lean slightly to the malt. The medium bodies beer is mildly creamy with medium low carbonation. I am enjoying this a delightful full flavored English porter Satori old world cheddar and the beer brings out the nuttiness in the cheese and it is very hard to stop eating the cheese when drinking this beer. I rate the beer 84.

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