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Clutch Brewing Company MN Common Common Lager with Wild RiceClutch Brewing Company MN Common is a California Common Lager (aka Steam beer) brewed with wild rice and hopped with Northern brewer hops. It has 6.8% alcohol by volume and 38 International Bittering Units. Cracking the can releases some nuttiness, toast, some bread crust and traces of caramel. Piny, earthy hops with some fruit notes are moderate to low. Fermentation character is low. It pours bright amber to light copper under a moderate off white cap with fair retention. A light caramel nutty sweetness emerges under the tongue leading to a big bitter, piny accent mid-palate. The sweetness also peaks mid palate and then the beer dries out on the finish and the hop bitterness pleasantly lingers. Hop flavor is medium low while hop bitterness is medium. There is a firm, nutty grain flavor in the finish. Carbonation and body are medium body. This is big full-flavored beer for everybody with an exceptional hop finish. the crisp, dry lingering bitter finish make it a beer you will want to keep around. I rate it 87.

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