Clutch Brewing Company Hypnotoad Hazy IPA


Clutch Brewing Company


Hypnotoad Hazy IPA


Clutch Brewing Company Hypnotoad Hazy IPAClutch Brewing Company Hypnotoad Hazy IPA smells of a fresh fruit blend of tropical fruit, stone fruit, and citrus with some light bread crumb sweetness support The aromas are not grassy or herbaceous and the malt aromas are clean and neutral. Fermentation fruit aromas support the hope. Alcohol aromas are minimal. It pours hazy amber gold sporting a 3” off white lacy cap with good retention. The beer is not cloudy or murky and there are no floaties. A big juicy hop flavor follows the aroma with some stone fruit. It starts with medium plus bitterness that grows stronger by the finish. The fruity hop flavors and bitterness are big but not harsh. The sweet grainy malt flavor is medium to medium low no toast or caramel and fermentation character is low. The beer dries on the finish. There are no sugary sweet flavors. The alcohol is there but not dominating. The beer has a smooth medium body and medium carbonation. There is a slight hop driven astringent note on the finish and a slight acidic twang. This is a a big bold juicy hazy IPA. It is a touch acidic but full of flavor. The first one of these in an evening I would enjoy a lot but the acidity would make the second one difficult. I rate it 78.

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