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Clutch Brewing Company Holophonor Hazy IPA Clutch Brewing Company has liberally hopped its Holophonor Hazy IPA (6.6% alcohol by volume, International Bittering Units 50) with Heull, Melon, El Dorado and Southern Passion hops and the result is a smooth, hazy IPA that you will want more than one of. Cracking the can releases fresh melon, tropical fruit, citrus, and a hint of berry. The aroma has no grass, very faint herb, and a clean neutral malt in the background with no caramel or toast. The fermentation character is neutral with no creamy, buttery, or acidic aroma. The beer drops gold with a light to moderate haze under a 3” rocky, lacy white cap with good retention The beer is not cloudy or murky and there are no floaties. Let the first sip rest a minute under the tongue to get the full range of hop derived fruit flavors. You will notice melon and berry and perhaps some tropical fruit and citrus notes. It has a touch sweetness up front that takes the edge off the bitterness as the beer moves over the tongue. A medium bitterness emerges mid-palate and pleasantly dominates through the finish. The finish is fruity, medium dry and mildly bitter with a long linger. Medium low grainy malt adds dimension and helps soften the bitter. The fermentation character is lightly fruity and not acidic juicy, alcohol supports but does not dominate. Trace malt in the finish. The beer is juicy with a medium body and medium carbonation. It is not creamy, starchy or acidic. This is a beer you can settle into for the evening. Its flavor packed with complex, layered hop flavors that are a joy to explore. I like it, will definitely order it again and rate it 88.

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