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Clutch Brewing Company Barnstomp Biere de GardeClutch Brewing Company Barnstomp Biere de Garde (7.0% alcohol by volume) has a mild malty smell with some toast and bread crust, dark dried fruit, and a hint of root beer. The the malt leads the aromas, the yeast character comes in medium-low and the hops low. It pours bright brown under a robust rocky tan lacy head with average retention. Layered and complex malt starts the flavors with malty, toasty, biscuit, toffee, and dark dried fruit. Yeast character is moderately low but offers up some pepper notes especially in the finish. As you roll the beer around your mouth you notice traces of root beer The beer starts malty sweet then dries a little towards the finish becoming medium dry. The beer is smooth, creamy and silky with a medium to medium light body and medium, very soft carbonation. The alcohol is soft and not hot or harsh, providing a mild warming. All the parts of this beer work very well together. The malt flavors are well developed and there is just the right amount of yeast character and hop presence to accent the malt. This is an excellently crafted flavor packed beer that adeptly balances the malt, yeast and alcohol. My wife thinks this is the best beer she has every had and I think that it is pretty damn good. You want to try this with a nice cheese plate and a baguette, a fresh salad, or a large plate of steamed mussels. I rate it 90.

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