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Summer Crush

Castle Danger Brewery Summer CrushCastle Danger Brewery Summer Crush (4.0% alcohol by volume) is a Blonde Ale brewed for summer. The aromas start with citrus and lemon backed by light biscuit and a trace of resin. Summer Crush pours bright gold under a 1" ivory to cream colored foam cap with fair retention. Bubbles rise moderately fast. The citrusy, lemon aromas come from the Sorachi Ace hops and they also play nicely with the flavor. The brewer is doing some amazing things with these hops flavors bringing our an array of citrus with lemon the star but it receives some support from orange flavors. The flavors start with mildly sweetened lemon and citrus backed by bread crumb. The hop bitterness arrives mid-palate at medium intensity which is just enough to pull everything together and leave a lingering, mildly bitter citrus aftertaste. The beer is medium light with medium to medium high carbonation. Summer crush is summer in a can. I rate it 85.

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