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Burning Brothers Brewing RoastedBurning Brothers Brewing Roasted (7% alcohol by volume) is a strong ale blended with cold brewed coffee. Coffee and sorghum dominate the aromas with some roast and dark sugar notes. It pours bright brown under a 1" light tan foam cap with fair retention. The flavors start with coffee, a hint of chocolate, a trace of fruit sweetened with brown sugar and a touch of caramel. It finishes dry with a hint of apple. Hop flavors are low and hop bitterness is medium and blends in with the coffee. The coffee helps mask some of the sorghum flavors and the coffee and hop bitterness help balance the sweetness. It has a medium body and medium carbonation. This is a full flavored beer that even those not avoiding gluten will enjoy but it has satiating richness which tends to make it a one at a time beer. I rate it 80.

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Burning Brothers Brewing


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