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Burning Brothers Brewing Raj-Agni glutin-free English Style IPABurning Brothers Brewing Raj-Agni (5.1% alcohol by volume) is a gluten-free English Style IPA. Master brewer and founder Dane Breimhorst has Celiac disease so he brews beer with gluten levels well below the Food and Drug Administration standards. The beer smells of faint bread crumb, spice and faint wood with some other grain in the background. It pours brilliant deep copper with a thin light cream cap that has moderate to poor retention. The palate is lightly sweet with a hint of grain, a trace of caramel, finishing dry and faintly astringent with moderately high bitterness. Raj-Agni has a medium light body and medium carbonation. This beer is a little thinner and lacks a malt based beer's texture and flavor but it is flavorful and if I had Celiac disease it is a beer that I would seek out. I rate it 80.

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Burning Brothers Brewing

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