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Burning Brothers Brewing


ΠΡ (Pyro)

Burning Brothers Brewing ΠΡ (Pyro)Burning Brothers Brewing ΠΡ (Pyro) (4.6% alcohol by volume) is an American Pale Ale brewed with Sorghum and candi sugar instead of barley so it is gluten free. It has a sweet scent joined by earthy sorghum, flowers and a light scent of hops. It pours brilliant gold under a 1" frothy white foam collar with poor retention. The first sip is sweet grain, a trace of fruit, a bitter middle and a bitter finish. The sorghum has an earthiness that barley does not have and this beer has a sharpness in the finish. Some of the sharpness I atribute to the sorghum. Some people have issues with sharpness in sorghum bread and the process of mashing may accentuate that. At the same time I think the sugars and probably glutens in barley soften hop bitterness in a way that gluten does not. The beer is medium light bodied and the carbonation is medium. The sorghum texture seems a little thinner than the texture that you would get with barley, oats or wheat. I think this extra texture also helps balance and knock some of the rough edges off the hops. This is a grain based alcoholic drink and it has a lot of beer character. The sharp bitterness might take some getting used to but it is an OK beer. I rate it 78.

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Burning Brothers Brewing

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