Bruery Terreux Frederick H


Bruery Terreux

Frederick H.

Bruery Terreux Frederick H.Bruery Terreux Frederick H. (4.4% alcohol by volume) is a Berliner Weiss aged in Bruery Terreux's oak foeders. An initial brown malt oaky aroma quickly wafts off followed by spicy berry, fruit, traces of vanilla, a hint of diacetyl (movie popcorn butter) and a mild funk. It pours bright amber gold permeated by streams of rapidly rising bubbles under a brief 1" white foam cap. The flavors are lemon level tart with a trace of acetic, some fruit, berry and green apple and a faint hint of caramel. The flavors are more developed and complex that many Berliner Weiss's. The beer has a medium light body and high carbonation. The beer is very refreshing with interesting flavors. I rate it 80.

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Bruery Terreux

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