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Hippos Camping batch 203


Broken Clock Cooperative Hippos Camping batch 203Broken Clock Brewing Cooperative Hippos Camping Batch 203 (5.5%alcohol by volume) is a Munich Helles. My crowler was packaged three weeks ago. It has a spicy hop aroma with medium grainy sweet malt and a very faint creamed corn smell. It pours brilliant straw gold under a 2” fleeting white cap. The attack begins with balanced spicy floral hop and grainy sweet malt. Hop bitterness shows up mid palate and lingers through the finish. Spicy and floral hop flavors, hop bitterness and grainy sweet malt flavors weave weave in and out. The flavors all work well together. Hippos Camping is smooth and crisp with a medium body and carbonation. This beer is smooth, flavorful and refreshing and deserves a tap at any German restaurant. a fantastic malt and hop balance make this beer the perfect companion to any German food. This is an all day, all night beer and the next time i have brats, I am having this beer. You are drinking this for the balance where grainy sweet malt balances perfectly with spicy floral hops and a moderate plus hop bitterness. I rate it 85.

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