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Glutenberg American Pale Ale

Brasseurs Sans Gluten Glutenberg American Pale AleBrasseurs Sans Gluten Glutenberg American Pale Ale (5.5% alcohol by volume) is a gluten-free American Pale Ale. I bought it at total wine and it has a best by date 3 months from now. It is brewed with millet, buckwheat, corn, candi syrup, demera sugar, and quinoa. It has a different aroma than sorghum based gluten free beers with more of a generic grain smell, corn and spicy hops. It pours brilliant gold with streams of bubbles rushing to the surface to join a 1" frothy white foam cap with fair to good retention. It starts slightly sweet with some fruit, citrus, orange, dark sugar, and then a moderate bitterness leads to a crisp dry finish. The bitterness has a dark tea like quality with a slight astringency. It lacks the sharpness or bitter harshness found in some sorghum based beers. It has a light body and is highly carbonated. Blutenberg American Pale Ale lacks the texture of a wheat or barley based beer but it is crisp and drinkable and is on par with some of the gluten-reduced beers. I rate it 80.

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Brasseurs Sans Gluten

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