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Brasserie Fantôme

Fantôme Saison*

Brasserie Fantôme Fantôme SaisonMy most recent bottle of Brasserie Fantôme Fantôme Saison (8.0% alcohol by volume) passed its best by date nearly 4 years ago. I've had it in my cellar for about 7 years. It has a mild barnyard smell from an arm's length away. Closer up wet horseblanket, fruit, over ripe fruit, fruit skins, a hint of vanilla and light pie crust come to the fore. It has a slightly hazy peach tinted gold hue blanketed by 1" of white foam with fair to poor retention. Rich fruit flavors roll over the tongue, highlighting pears, some green vegetable, light grass, citrus, green apple, apple and lemon with a trace of butter. A pleasant tartness, nearly as intense as unsweetened lemonade, pulls the beer together and balances the funky fruit flavors. It has a medium light body and above average carbonation. This elegant, refreshing and unique beer sets the standard for Saisons on the wild side and stands up well to some age which brings out more of the fruit flavors and tones down some of the funk. I rate this classic 95.

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Brasserie Fantôme

*Beer Judge Certification Program Commercial Example

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