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Brasserie Fantôme

Fantôme De Noel

Brasserie Fantôme Fantôme De NoelBrasserie Fantôme Fantôme De Noel clocking in at 10.0% alcohol by volume is a big saison brewed for the holidays. A handful of added spices, chocolate malt and other aspecial ingredients give the beer a holiday flair. Fantôme de Noel  pours a brilliant deep garnet with a ½” bone white finely bubbled foam cap. Yeasty aromas with a blend of fresh and overripe fruit waft up from the glass with hints of spice, dark sugars and alcohol. A spicy palate combines chocolate, fruit, spice, slightly over ripe fruit, toffee, with a slight alcohol sweetness. There is a suggestion of pine, pepper, and coriander blended with chocolate, roast, and traces of caramel and honey. The beer is mildly tart and on the dry side. The Brettanomyces character is just coming on board with most impact on the texture producing a very fine, soft carbonation. The sweetness from the malt nicely balances the wild yeast tastes. It is effervescent, medium bodied, and has very smooth, deceptive alcohol. The alcohol is mildly warming and gently builds as you drink but nothing is hot or harsh. If you can find this holiday classic, buy it and drink it. I rate it 92.

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Brasserie Fantôme

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